Why Us?

Recognizing the well-being of its customers, specialists in roof, Vincent roofers use quality materials for the renovation of your house wrap.

For all types of maintenance or emergency, no matter where you live, Vincent Roofing is an expert Roofer in the Montreal area. We offer a complete range of services available to individuals and businesses.

We cater to different requirements: residential, commercial and industrial. Whatever the needs, Roofing Vincent spends all of its expertise and determination in order to perform flawless work.

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BP roofing products
Metal sheets
Multi-layer hot asphalt roofing
Tin smithing
Multi-layer fibreglass roofing
Asphalt and gravel roofing
Asphalt shinglese

White Roofs

For your home or business, Vincent Roofing offers you white roofs, both practical, economical and environmentally friendly.

The white membrane prevents overheating when exposed to the sun, do not dry and keeps it elasticity in winter, which at the same time increases the longevity of your roof.

Vincent Roofing offers white roof because it is a recyclable material and is a good way to help you reduce the heat in your home..

Code of Ethics

• Conduct business honestly;
• Offer polite and courteous service;
• Satisfy each of its customers during and after the work is conducted;
• Keep the construction site reasonably clean and prevent any accumulation of unusable materials;
• Maintain adequate liability assurance for the work executed;
• Complete the work on time as agreed, according to the contract schedule;
• Explain the product guarantees offered and forward all appropriate technical documentation;
• Execute all work contracted, in compliance with federal, provincial and municipal laws, and to prevailing rules and regulations;
• Use contract documents that comply with applicable laws, and include complete descriptions of the work to be executed, •including a detailed work evaluations;
• Ensure at all times, while work is conducted, safety and security, in compliance with applicable laws.

The Company

Let Us Take Care of Your Roofing Needs

Call Master Roofer Claude Vincent and his team of experienced roofers at 514-637-2637. We have been in business since 1947, and have earned a worthy reputation for excellent service and high quality work.

Vincent Roofing holds a “Réno-Maître Couvreur” certification conferred by the APCHQ. The certification recognizes master roofers in the residential sector, known for their reliability and professionalism.